How to Tie a Diabolo String

How long is a piece of string?

When you first get a diabolo, or if you’re replacing the string,¬†you’ll need to make sure that the string is set at the right length. The length of the string will depend on a couple of factors, namely your height and what you intend to do with your diabolo. A good rule of thumb is, with one handstick lying flat on the floor, the string should be anywhere between your chest and your nose. Longer strings make cat’s cradles easier and “round the worlds” more impressive. Shorter strings are better for speed and tight control. Ultimately it’s up to you and your personal preference though.

How to Tie a Diabolo String

tie a diabolo string

An Overhand Knot

There are a number of knots that can be used to tie a diabolo string. Probably the simplest knot to use is the half hitch. The half hitch is simply an overhand knot tied around an object. In this case we’re going to tie the overhand knot around itself as shown in the video below.

Another way to tie a diabolo string

An alternative to the half hitch is a figure 8 loop. The advantage of using a figure 8 loop to tie a diabolo string is that when tied, the string runs from the end of the stick rather than the side of the stick. The disadvantage is that there will be more movement of the string against the edge of the holes and may wear the string more quickly.

How to tie a diabolo string using a figure 8 loop

Start by tying a loose figure 8 knot in the string before passing the tail end through the hole in the handsticks. Then follow the original figure 8 around the entire knot in reverse.

Adjust your knot so that there is enough room for the loop to easily pass around the end of the handsticks. Tighten your knot and trim any excess string.

Go enjoy your diabolo!