Highlights of the Week at Airborne Circus – 20 May 2016

This week at Airborne Circus

The 5-7s…

  • We had a student, T, who started balancing on the rola bola – and did it independently!
  • One of the older students, H, made it 3/4 of the way along the tightwire totally unsupported for the first time!
  • And everyone practiced hanging from their knees on the trapeze.

The 8-12s…

  • We gave our students some coordination exercises to try. They did really well with it so next time it’ll be even more complicated! (Some of them were feeling shy and are out of shot below.)
  • H arrived with some brand new (and very brightly coloured) juggling balls and then successfully performed 60 catches! New target: 100 catches.
  • worked hard on his handsprings, while S and learned new ways of climbing a rope.

The teenagers…

  • We had one new student try out the class… who could already juggle 3 balls and spin a diabolo!
  • E started learning how to pass 7 balls.
  • C worked on walking backwards on the tightwire.


  • Bought some new equipment! We can’t tell you what it is though – sorry!

Loads more happened and lots of other students worked diligently on other circus skills. Check in next week for more Airborne Circus highlights!

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