Highlights of the Week at Airborne Circus – 27 May 2016

This week at Airborne Circus

In our 5-7s classes…

  • Everyone learned how to spin a plate like a pro.
  • H started practicing a 2-ball shower on the tightwire (unsupported) and successfully managed three rounds (off-camera!).

In our 8-12s classes…

  • Aerialists learned how to do Angel (or Mermaid under the bar) and Half Angel.
  • Acrobats learned how to stand on each others thighs and build a human tower.
  • S managed to balance on the tightwire for over 10 seconds independently!

In our teenagers class…

  • L started to learn hat juggling!

Loads more happened and lots of other circus skills were practiced by other students.

Next week is half term so our next update on the week’s accomplishments will be in two weeks.

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