Bitter-sweet emails

It’s always sad when a student leaves. Some of the time, especially with our younger students, they just “disappear” – one term they’re there, the next they’re gone. But sometimes we get a goodbye. Yesterday we received just such an email.

Dear Adam,

Sadly I can’t come to circus classes this year, mainly as I am changing schools for sixth form, so the timing of getting to East Finchley doesn’t work.

I have enjoyed your classes so much- doing an activity that is so different from anything else in my life, and helped me de-stress in a relaxed environment. Your teaching was so inspiring and gave me much more confidence. Please also thank James!!
In fact I will not give up circus skills in my spare time- this summer I have been doing lots of unicycling and can now ride confidently, turn corners and free mount!
I hope we can stay in touch.

Very best wishes,

Clara, we’ve loved having you in our classes and wish you all the best for your future at sixth form and beyond. Come back soon (on your unicycle) and say hi!

Our de-stressing and inspiring classes re-start on Monday, 12th September and can be booked online now.