Further Information for Parents

About our Youth Classes

Our youth circus classes give children and young people an exciting and alternative way to develop their physical, mental and social skills. Through activities like acrobatics, juggling and trapeze, children and young people are allowed to take risks in a safe and focused environment, developing core physical skills such as balance, fitness (stamina, strength and flexibility), and spatial and body awareness.

Static Trapeze By working together, children and young people develop social and emotional skills such as communication, cooperation, confidence, patience, commitment and determination; and they develop mental skills like problem solving, coordination, creativity and the ability to concentrate.

Being highly physical yet non-competitive, circus attracts people to whom the competitive nature of sport can be unappealing – the only real competition in circus is competition with yourself!

By creating an environment that promotes social, personal and physical development, without the burden of competition, Airborne Circus develops young people who can perform outstanding circus skills and have positive attitudes toward themselves and others.

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