NY CircusĀ Arts – Did the Circus Leave Town?

I’m not sure what happened to the NY Academy of Circus. It seems to have become Circus Warehouse. I’m curious as to what’s happened as I was quite impressed with what I saw back in February. I know one of the teachers at the old NYAC and one at the new Circus Warehouse so I’m gonna try to find out.

NY may have lost its Academy but at least it hasn’t lost circus. With Circus Warehouse, Streb and the Trapeze School New York circus isn’t going anywhere just yet.


NY Academy of Circus has become Circus Warehouse. I don’t know the whole story but apparently it has something to do with NYAC not being run very efficiently/practically/properly/professionally, and it has been taken over by two ladies who are said to be doing a great job of it.

More news as it reaches my wiggling ears…