The New Year Begins

Wednesday saw our first sessions of the new academic year.


Our Wednesday 8-12 year olds class has proved to be very popular this term, with only one remaining space available.

Our teenagers are all back (bar Michaela who’s off to Circomedia in Bristol, and Eliza, who’s moved back to Italy) and are raring to go. They’ve all expressed an interest in developing their strength and technical skill this term so that’s what we’ll be focused on (rather than developing their acts, which we’ll start working on in 2014).

We’ve still got spaces available in our teen and Monday classes in East Finchley and our 8-13s in Mill Hill so check out the for a circus class that works for you.

All of our other circus classes begin next week. The Home Educators circus classes, classes for 5-7 and 8-12 year olds start on Monday in East Finchley. The 8-13 year old class and adult aerial classes will also be starting in Mill Hill.

Get details about our youth circus classes in East Finchley or Mill Hill

See the adult aerial class schedule


Teaching Tip 4: Treat Them Like an Adult

A colleague made a comment a while ago that when I teach kids (I teach everything from 2-year-olds through teens to adults) I treat them like adults. And although that isn’t exactly true, it’s been sitting in my mind for a while.

Over the years, when I’ve watched other people teach young children, I’ve often cringed a little inside. It’s not that what they’re teaching is bad because it’s not. Often they’ve been teachers that I respect very highly. But what makes me cringe is when I see teachers patronise kids.

Children are smart. Until someone (including themselves) tells them they’re not, kids are unbelievably bright, intelligent and present. To talk to kids as anything other than smart belittles them. Continue reading

Mill Hill & Finchley Classes Start Monday 15th April

Aerial (9)The new term is nearly here and our brand new classes (and our established ones) are about to begin.

We’ve now got classes in East Finchley and Mill Hill for young people and teens aged 5-7, 8-12 and 13-21, as well as a daytime class for home schoolers and new aerial classes for adults in Mill Hill.

Term begins Monday, 15th April.

Online bookings are open and spaces are filling up so get in there quick!

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Teaching Tips 3: Take Fun Seriously

Ever since I started teaching I’ve strived to continually develop myself as a better teacher – either by learning (or refining) circus technique, learning related subjects (eg., gymnastics, first aid, leadership), or developing new ways of being and working with young people to get the most out of them.

Through these posts I hope to be able to offer you some new ideas, tips, and thoughts that will encourage and support you in being a better teacher.

Take Fun Seriously

Some of the worst teaching I’ve ever seen has been watching people work with children or young people and be very serious. I’ve watched coaches and trainers reprimand children in front of a group for doing nothing more than Continue reading

Mill Hill Classes Starting Soon

WireWe’re very pleased to announce that from the summer term we’ll be starting up some new classes for children and adults in a brand new venue in Mill Hill. The classes will cover a range of skills including aerial and manipulation (juggling, diabolo, hula hoop, etc) skills.

Stay tuned for more information in the next few days!

In the meantime, check out our current youth classes and adult workshops.

Teaching Tip 2: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Lesson planning has been the bane of my life. Or at least it was until I started to get good at it. I think a lot of teachers – regardless of whether they are school, circus, or any other kind of teacher – hate doing lesson planning. Lesson planning takes time, and in this day and age time is something of a precious commodity. But I don’t think that’s what really bugged me. It wasn’t the time; I can always make time for stuff that’s important. It seemed like a lot of effort for something that wasn’t very important and didn’t really make any difference.

But as teachers all know lesson plans are really important and do make a big difference.

But if we know they’re important, and we know they make such a difference, then why don’t they seem important when it comes time to sit down and write them? And why are they always so much effort?

Continue reading

Circus for Home Schoolers

We’re very excited to say that after the Easter holiday we’re going to be running two daytime circus classes for children and young people who are home educated.

The sessions will cover the full range of circus skills including juggling, acrobatics, tightwire hula hoop, diabolo and trapeze!

If you’re home educated come join us for a bit of daytime circus fun!

Class Details

Friday 19th April – Friday 19th July (13 weeks)
Half Term: Friday 31 May
5-7 year olds, 10.30am – 11.30am, £8/session
8+ year olds, 11.30am – 12.45pm, £10/session


To book a space in the class please register online at

Youth Circus

Old Friends

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing two people I hadn’t seen in about two years – and boy are they big now!!

Old Friends

You might not recognise them but they were at a workshop I ran a couple of years ago when Claude Fisicaro came along and took photos. Here’s a photo of each of them learning circus skills that day.


Next Taster Workshop 23rd February 2013

Last weekend’s introduction to circus skills went really well and we’ve now scheduled our adult workshops for the first half of 2013.

Workshops are available on:

Here’s some of what people said about the workshop on Saturday:

“A really fun & different way to spend my Saturday!”

“Really fun, friendly & professional teachers”

“I did not expect the workshop to be so much fun. I have really enjoyed it. So did everyone here I know. [I] would definitely recommend this to our friends. We drove in from Oxford to do the workshop & still think it is worth the trip! Thank you.”

“Great discovery, I would like to do more!”

Yvonna from came along and wrote this review. She also made this little video of walking the tightwire:


For more information and to see all of our currently available workshop dates check out our Adult Workshops page.

If you book any of the workshops now there’s 25% off too!

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