How Circus Skills Will Help You Pass Your GCSEs (SATs and A-Levels)

Animals Exam

I might miss some classes this term.

Every year in the summer term our students (and their parents) tell me that they may have to miss several classes this term. It’s not because it’s summer and they’re going on an exciting holiday with their family. It’s because it’s exam season. Students (and/or their parents) are worried about failing their exams and think that they need to spend as much time as possible studying and revising – especially the dreaded Night Before An Exam.

It’s great that our students are committed to doing well in their exams. (When I was that age I didn’t care about the exam grades I achieved. What was important to me was studying circus skills!) However I’ve noticed that many students don’t study effectively and end up sacrificing their circus classes unnecessarily and possibly even to their detriment.

Most students feel like they should (or need to) revise – or worse, do their actual studying – the Night Before An Exam. They think that last minute cramming is going to help them perform better in the exam and achieve better results.

But does last minute studying – or cramming – actually work? Or could attending your circus class actually help you pass your exam? Continue reading