Old Friends

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing two people I hadn’t seen in about two years – and boy are they big now!!

Old Friends

You might not recognise them but they were at a workshop I ran a couple of years ago when Claude Fisicaro came along and took photos. Here’s a photo of each of them learning circus skills that day.


Someone once told me “don’t throw balls in the house.”

Yesterday, Adam was featured on Someone Once Told Me having been told “Don’t throw balls in the house” by his parents. It didn’t stop him.


Mario Cacciottolo has been shooting SOTM photos for nearly six years (you can read about it here) and we’re very pleased to have him at our next Introduction to Circus Workshop on 3rd November. He’ll be there taking SOTM photos of anyone that wants to be involved in the project so thinking about what you want to write!

Check out the Someone Once Told Me website.