Circus for Team Building

Circus for Team Building

Why Circus for Team Building?

Circus skills offer a fun and novel method of bringing groups of people together as a cohesive and effective team. The simple yet challenging nature of our activities, along with the shared experience, gives people the opportunity to break through their own barriers and leaves them energised and motivated to produce innovative results together.

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Although most workshops start with people being apprehensive or even nervous, the fun and excitement of engaging in circus skills has people start to relate to each other openly in a way they have not related before.

Within each of the circus arts there are certain qualities that are useful and valuable to teams:

Acrobatic Balancing takes people supporting and trusting each other.
Stilt Walking calls for you to allow yourself to be supported while you rediscover how to walk.
Juggling requires patience, commitment and the willingness to get things wrong.
All of the Circus Arts involve a certain amount of fear – the fear of falling, the fear of failure or just the fear of looking bad in others’ eyes. Not being stopped when faced with fear takes commitment and courage.

These are the qualities of successful teams.

By working together through the workshop, people gain access to those qualities and form relationships that are intimate, trusting and expressive.

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