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Circus Workshops

Airborne Circus Workshop Details

Whether you’re looking for a fun out-of-office activity, a day of experiencing life as a circus artist, or an in-depth training programme to produce extraordinary results for your business, we’ve got a workshop that will be right for you.

Find out more about our available workshops below or see some of our previous clients.

1. Circus for a Day

Learn the skills you’ve only ever dreamed of – and more!

Our basic circus workshop gives your team the chance to learn a handful of classic circus skills. Through the workshop the group will work with professional circus artists where we’ll teach you and your team the fundamentals of your chosen circus skills. You’ll amaze yourself with your new skills and will leave the workshop raring to show your friends, family and colleagues a new trick or two!

Choose from the following skills:

  • Trapeze
  • Tightwire
  • Juggling
  • Acrobatic Balancing & Human Pyramids
  • Diabolo

Workshop Details
Benefits: Great fun in a relaxed atmosphere with attainable skills for all.
Group size: 5+
Half Day Price: £600 for up to 10 people, then £60 per person. Choose 3 of the above skills. Additional skills can be included at a supplement.
Full Day Price: £1100 for up to 10 people, then £110 per person. The full day option includes all of the above circus skills.

2. Circus Showtime

In just one day, we recreate the experience of being a professional performer – training, rehearsing, preparing and performing a circus act.

After successfully completing a morning of learning and mastering your chosen circus skills, groups are tasked with creating their own circus showcase to perform in just one afternoon.

During the show creation process, groups are given problems to solve and challenges to overcome, whilst individuals are assigned specific roles to fulfil and tasks to complete.

As well as being incredible fun, the challenge of creating and performing a show demands that people work together in new and unfamiliar ways.

Benefits: An unforgettable day that challenges team members to communicate and negotiate effectively, go beyond their own barriers, and perform in their very own circus show.
Group size: 12 – 40
Price: £145 per person

This workshop can also be delivered as a multi-day event with more in-depth tasks and challenges. Please contact us for details.

3. Bespoke Events

We are happy to organise a bespoke circus workshop for your event.

Our bespoke circus workshops are tailored to your needs and can include developing soft skills like trust or communication, or can just be for fun. We can run workshops over a half or whole day, or as part of a longer training programme.

Circus Workshop

Circus skills that can be included:
  • Acrobatic Balancing
  • Trapeze
  • Tightwire
  • Juggling
  • Diabolo
  • Stilt Walking
  • Clowning
  • Body Percussion
  • Plate Spinning
  • Street Dance
  • And more!

Specialised discussion and facilitation can also be included to enhance the experience and the value of our bespoke workshops.

Please contact us to discuss organising a bespoke circus workshop.