Youth Circus Classes

If you’ve got some energy and you like to run, jump, bounce, throw, climb, balance or fly, then you’ll love our youth circus classes! Each week you’ll learn and practice different skills until you master them.

No previous experience necessary, just come along, have a go and learn a new trick or two!

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Youth Circus

In your classes you’ll learn:

Acrobatics – Rolls, cartwheels, handstands – even backflips and somersaults! Acrobatics is great for your strength, flexibility and coordination.

Juggling – Balls, rings and clubs. When you get good we’ll teach you how to pass between other people and create amazing patterns!

Tightwire – Walking the wire isn’t as easy as people think. You’ll learn to walk, jump and do different tricks on the wire – but it might take a little practice!

Trapeze – Learn all sort of different ways to climb and hang on a trapeze.  We’ll get you hanging upside-down from your knees and maybe even catching (or being caught by) another person!

Unicycle – Can you ride a bike? How about with only one wheel? We’ll show you how!

Hula Hoop – One? Two? How about six? Now spin it over your head and down around your legs!

And more!!

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