Circus in Schools

Circus in Schools

Circus in Schools

Having circus in schools challenges students physically and mentally, and lets students accomplish something surprising and new in a unique and exciting way.

Circus skills is really fun and simple

A variety of ways to include circus in school

Bring Lessons to Life
Young students can get hands on with shapes, numbers, movement and motion, while older students can enhance their performance skills in drama and get direct experience learning about coordination, body control and bio-mechanics in science or PE. Almost any subject can be taught through circus – maths, science, history, art, drama, PE and more – and can be customised to fit lesson plans.

Our circus classes for specific subjects are tailored for Reception through Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. We can also offer specialised workshops for pre-school age children.


Enrichment programmes offer students opportunities to discover and develop talents and interests that give life balance and richness. Enrichment programmes promote happiness, creativity and motivation. Learning circus skills fits perfectly with these themes. We offer circus in schools as a weekly enrichment activity. The variety of circus skills means that every person can find something they enjoy and want to develop – whether it’s juggling, unicycling or acrobatics.

After School Clubs

Every school has the same old clubs. But how many schools have their very own circus? Each session students learn and develop a variety of skills while practising patience, focus and team work, so they can master their chosen skills.

Activity Days

Whether your having a summer fair, a sports day or any other special occasion, we can provide circus workshops at your school to entertain and engage students, siblings, parents and staff. Our workshops can be delivered as a structured event or as an open activity where people can come and go trying their hand at a range of exciting circus skills.

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